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Tampe Evident Strapping Seals
Round Void Open Labels
Square Void Open Label


This combination includes 4 components.

1. A cross-like metal strapping seal

2. A round VOID OPEN sticker

3. A square VOID OPEN sticker

4. A pull tight plastic seal

The plastic seal and the two VOID OPEN stickers carry a unique serial number for the purpose of tracking and providing evidnence of tampering. Barcode is available as per requests.


Compared with normal metal strapping seals, this combination is more ideal to protect your cargo pallets, making it possible to track pallets. The shipper can record the serial numbers on the shipping documents. When the pallets arrive at the destination, the receiver can find out if the pallet is intact or not by verifying the serial numbers and checking the tamper evidence of the stickers  . 


200 units/carton

Weight: 6kgs/carto